20 Questions: Jan, 3rd Line Support Engineer Cloud

  1. Name: Jan Krzyzosiak 
  2. Nickname: Jan / Janko (pronounced Yanko) 
  3. Job role:  3rd Line Support Engineer Cloud 
  4. Hometown: Wroclaw (pronounced Vroclau) 
  5. Loves: Outdoors, Sun, Sea, Mountains 
  6. Hates: Being bored 
  7. Quickly sum up a day in the life of a 3rd Line Support Engineer Cloud:  Morning coffee, few phones calls. In great company, time just flies!  
  8. How would friends describe you in 3 words? Crazy, honest, happy.
  9. What first made you want to work for/start up San-iT? It was the perfect time to join the company! 
  10. Favourite place you’ve ever visited? Cayo Cochinos 
  11. If you could give any business one piece of IT related advice, what would it be? Invest in IT, it will pay off.  
  12. What would you be doing if you didn’t work for San.iT? I would probably spend January skiing in Italy  
  13. What’s your guilty pleasure? Eating too many spicy crisps.  
  14. What’s the best thing about doing your job? Working with very intelligent people.  
  15. Tea or coffee? Moroccan tea 
  16. A place I would like to visit…  Ojos de Salado. I will go there.  
  17. Tell us one thing about you that may surprise your co-workers:  Up until 22, I didn’t have any hair.  
  18. Finally, complete this sentence… “The way to achieving true IT sanity is…!” …counterbalance it with not touching any technology in spare time.