20 Questions: Luke, 1st, 2nd Line Support Engineer

  1. Name: Luke Goodliffe
  2. Nickname: Goody
  3. Job role: IT Support 1st 2nd line
  4. Hometown: Hazel Grove
  5. Loves: seasoned chicken
  6. Hates: unseasoned chicken
  7. Quickly sum up a day in the life of an IT Support 1st 2nd line: Work hard Play hard
  8. How would friends describe you in 3 words? “Different in work”
  9. What first made you want to work for San-iT? Cloud Infrastructure and Career Building
  10. Favourite place you’ve ever visited? The Louvre Paris
  11. If you could give any business one piece of IT related advice, what would it be? “Don’t just Turn it on and off again this isn’t IT crowd.”
  12. Who would play you in a movie of your life? Chris Evans
  13. What would you be doing if you didn’t work for San.iT? Cloud Infrastructure or Working on my Clothing Brand.
  14. You’re on a desert island… What piece of technology could you not live without? Desktop.
  15. What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching a whole ‘series’ and carrying on after I told myself go to bed after one ‘episode’.
  16. What’s the best thing about doing your job? The way our boss treats us all as equal contributors regardless of our position.
  17. Tea or coffee? Coffee boy all day
  18. A place I would like to visit… Italy Rome/Venice.
  19. Tell us one thing about you that may surprise your co-workers: I used to do MMA and box when I was 17/18
  20. Finally, complete this sentence… “The way to achieving true IT sanity Working with your team!”