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Sanity Days – How We’re Beating Burnout

Have you ever been made to feel like your wellbeing doesn’t matter? That a customers’ happiness is more important – you have to work that extra shift or skip lunch to get the job done. Perhaps this isn’t an isolated event. You said ‘yes’ once and now working overtime is business as usual. As the…

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Don’t Take the Bait – Stay Safe from Phishing Scams

Is your company at risk of falling foul to phishing scams?

The news today is saturated with stories about COVID-19. In
turn, this has led to a massive increase in phishing attacks designed to exploit people’s fears and react in a knee-jerk manner.

This article will help you spot and avoid taking the bait of the latest COVID19 phishing attacks!

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Coronavirus Remote Working

COVID-19: Business as Usual – From Anywhere

Reports suggest that up to one-fifth of the working population ‘could be off sick at the same time’ during the peak of a coronavirus epidemic. In response, businesses are planning for high staff absenteeism and are putting in place precautions to keep work moving during this period of uncertainty.  So, what should you be considering?  The three areas…

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The San-iT Compass

Our culture is team-led thanks to our compass. United we have defined our mission, purpose and values. From this, we have created a tool that gives us direction on our shared behaviours.   Let’s take a deeper look into the main components of our compass and how it defines us. Whether you’re a client, or candidate looking…

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Why We Work in Elite Teams

You may have heard about San-iT’s Elite Teams model. It has transformed the way we work, enabling our staff to offer better customer service and learn new skills without barriers. But how do Elite Teams differ from the traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) model? And why is it so effective at boosting performance? Learn the…

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Why We Partnered with Freshwalks

Last year, San-iT became a Freshwalks partner. It was a natural next step in our relationship. Our team members have taken part in masses of Freshwalks and have benefited hugely as a result. Let’s take a deeper look at the impact Freshwalks has had on our staff and what the future holds for our new…

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Best of 2019 at San-iT

In our best of 2018 blog, we said 2019 was going to be a ‘big’ and ‘busy’ year. What an understatement.  The truth is that 2019 has been our biggest and busiest year yet. We are beyond proud of our team, partners and clients who have helped San-iT surpass major milestones.  Let’s take a look…

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Is it Better to Work for an MSP or In-House?

In July, we celebrated Mat K-M’s one-year anniversary at San-iT.  Mat came to us from an in-house role as the sole IT support member. Today, he is part of an elite team of experts, working hard to deliver an exceptional service to our clients. In this interview, Mat explains how moving to a Managed Service…

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How to use Office 365 to collaborate on projects

If you and your colleagues are about to embark on a major business project, you may be wondering whether there are any technologies out there to help your team collaborate more effectively. Well, we have good news for you. Microsoft Office 365 is specially designed to help co-workers work together in real-time and in a…

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Do pop up blockers prevent viruses?

For far too long pop-ups have been irritating internet users. While some of them can be useful, most of them are simply annoying. Others, however, will try and trick you into accepting a download that will infect your laptop or computer with a virus. Why choose a pop-up blocker Identify – A pop-up blocker is…

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