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20 Questions: Scott

1. Name: Scott Hulse 2. Nickname: Scott or shulse 3. Job role: 1st/2nd Line Engineer 4. Hometown: Didsbury, Manchester 5. Loves: IT 6. Hates: Queuing in long lines! 7. Quickly sum up a day in the life of a IT Support Engineer : Unpredictable and intriguing! 8. How would friends describe you in 3 words?…

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San-iT Managing Director wins Digital & IT Personality of the Year

Hot on the heels of 2017’s award winning end to the year, when San-iT won Best IT Support Company at the Talk of Manchester Awards, 2018 kicked off in a similar fashion.  On the 25th January, San-iT Managing Director Barry Lowe, along with support from the leadership team, headed to the Lowry Hotel for this…

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What We Learned at the Microsoft Partner Days

On 5th and 6th February San-iT’s Barry Lowe (MD), Seb Graham (Commercial Director) and Matthew Simmons (Solutions Architect) headed down to Twickenham to get their fingers well and truly on the pulse at one of Microsoft’s Partner Days events. Microsoft Partner Days is a new two-day event that helps to equip Microsoft partners with the…

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GDPR Compliance with Enterprise Mobility
and Security

Significant changes to EU data protection laws are on the not-too-distant horizon. And organisations across Europe are finding there’s a lot to be done to meet their obligations. Instead of trudging along a protracted route to compliance, smart businesses are taking a proven shortcut using the technology built into their IT software. In this article…

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cyber secruity

The True Cost of a Cyber Security Attack On Your
Business [Infographic]

The Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 is a sobering read for any SME.  In the last 12 months 46% of all UK businesses identified at least one cybersecurity breach or attack.  This figure increased to 66% for medium-sized firms. This annual survey highlights that cyber security is a real and major threat to your business, and potentially a costly…

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15 Reasons to Join San-iT

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.” Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker. IT workers are often better known for their technical wizardry than for being people persons. But not at SAN-iT. Our success is founded on the premise that our team members need to be IT masters…

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Is There a Future for Email in Business?

Smoke signals were once the latest thing in communications technology. But we humans are a demanding species and we blew off smoke in favour of the next faster, more reliable method of transmission. But from letters to telegrams to telephone, what was once hailed as a revolution soon falls short of our needs and other…

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How to Justify IT Investment in Your
Business Budget

Investment can be hard to justify, particularly in times of economic and political uncertainty. But inaction doesn’t equal safety, especially when we’re in the middle of the fourth age of the industrial revolution: digital transformation. Justifying investment in your IT infrastructure needn’t be difficult with this guide. Understand the Challenges Your Business Faces As technology…

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