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20 Questions: Gary

1. Name: Gary Lumby. 2. Nickname: None, I’m too old for that! 3. Job role: Non Executive Director. 4. Hometown: Hartlepool. 5. Loves: All things sport, but especially rugby, football and golf, as well as good food, wine and company. 6. Hates: Being late and computers breaking down when you have an important task to…

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Adam Recruitment

Client Case Study: Adam Recruitment

Adam Recruitment are a leading Manchester recruitment business focussing on the Digital, Marketing and HR sectors.  Based in Manchester city centre, the firm has 20 employees, and works with leading brands including Panone, Travelex, TBWA, Lakeland and On the Beach, to name but a few. The business chose to partner with San-iT to address the…

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20 Questions: Petru

1. Name: Petru Lucian Axinte 2. Nickname: Peter 3. Job role: 3rd Line and Projects Engineer 4. Hometown: Botosani, Romania 5. Loves: IT, comedy, smart stuff. 6. Hates: Soap operas 7. Quickly sum up a day in the life of a 3rd Line and Projects Engineer: At the moment trying to absorb as much relevant…

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20 Questions: Kevin

1. Name: Kevin Knowles 2. Nickname: Daaaaad! 3. Job role: 1st/2nd Line Engineer 4. Hometown: Didsbury 5. Loves: My kids. 6. Hates: My kids. 7. How would friends describe you in 3 words? Calm, patient, polite. 8. What first made you want to work for/start up San-iT? Diversity of technologies. 9. Favourite place you’ve ever…

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VOIP Explained: San-iT Clients Share Their VOIP Story

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it’s known. Despite sounding terribly Star Trek, many of us already use VoIP in our everyday lives. It means taking a phone call over the Internet. You can also take video calls this way, send SMS and voice messages. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and a host of other online…

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How to Avoid Business Downtime Due to IT Issues

Systems down. From the Blue Screen of Death to a hacked server or an offline website, IT issues hold businesses back from productivity and growth. Today’s hyper-connected world means two things for business leaders when IT dramas strike. Firstly, should your IT systems go down, thanks to forums and social media, everyone’s going to know…

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GDPR: A Guide to Data Security in the Cloud

“Data is the currency of today’s digital economy. Collected, analysed and moved across the globe, personal data has acquired enormous economic significance.” The European Commission We live more of our lives online than ever before.  And this has caused concerns about the amount of control individuals exercise over their personal data.  According to European research,…

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Ten Ways Technology is Improving the Way We Communicate at Work

Digitisation has changed the way we communicate both in our personal lives and increasingly when doing business too.  People are used to connecting with one another remotely and being able to access information wherever they are from any device.  As businesses are required to be increasingly agile and responsive, technology is playing a bigger part…

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technology desk

How to Engage Employees with New Technology

Bringing new technology into your business, with the aim of making employees’ lives easier and your business more successful, can be a major project.  It also costs time and money.  As with any change, people experience a range of emotions and often persist in following old ways of working, resisting new tools or trying to…

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Why Technology is Becoming a Deciding Factor for New Employees

72% of UK employees report that state-of-the-art technology is more important in creating the ideal workspace than office design and on-site amenities. Which makes tech the latest perk in your employee attraction and retention toolkit.  Yet only 15% of UK workers believe their employer offers technology that’s ahead of the curve. This article reveals the…

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