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It’s Award Season at San-iT

2018 is drawing to a close and as always, it’s time to celebrate the successes of the year.  It’s award season and the San-iT team have been hitting the red carpet, representing the company at both the City of Manchester Business Awards (COMBAS) and the Talk of Manchester Business Awards (TOMS). It started at the…

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Maxing Your Leadership Level

Leadership is about taking charge of your own destiny and succeeding where many fail. But we live in turbulent times and becoming a great business leader is no cakewalk. That’s why we decided to sponsor Platform Exo’s Exponential Leadership Conference. Aimed at business owners committed to self-mastery, outstanding pioneers in their industry gathered in Manchester…

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Freshwalks: My journey, by Matt Simmons

In April of this year, our MD, Barry Lowe, was unable to attend Freshwalks.  Up to then, I’d been on a few Freshwalks City events and was starting to think that maybe heading to the hills for the day would be ok for me. I was told that it would be a moderate walk and…

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San-iT Supports Movember Charity Event

It’s just another day in the San-iT office. Except there’s something different about a few of our colleagues… The grizzly beards we’ve become accustomed to have vanished. We now have some rather suave moustaches… and some ‘work-in-progress’ whiskers. It’s a pleasant change in hair-scenery, but there’s an important reason behind it. It’s Movember and we…

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The Modern Workplace – Where Design and Technology Meet

When Blade Runner was released 36 years ago, Ridley Scott envisioned 2019 to be the year of flying cars and androids so life-like they’re mistaken for humans.    In reality, we still have a way to go. But our world isn’t without its technological wonders. In fact, it’s because of said technology that businesses are able…

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Life After GDPR – How Our Clients Have Transformed Data Security

Turns out, there is life after GDPR. We now have extra layers of security over our corporate and customer data. We achieved this without being bogged down by complex and tedious processes – all thanks to new tech on the market. This is something San-iT have become deeply involved with over the past year. We…

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8 Productivity Business Gems in Office 365

Like Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, Microsoft Office 365 is a treasure-trove of productivity gems. Delve into its cache of valuable tools and you can benefit from automated workflows, deep data insights, supercharged communication and dynamic collaboration. All of which can boost your business’ productivity levels in fantastic ways. We excavate the best gems from this…

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Is Remote Working Right for Your Business?

Does the idea of your team working remotely make you worry? How can you know if they’re doing their work? You don’t want idle staff – it costs the business time and money. These are important concerns when you’re in growth mode. First question: Is remote working worth it? Short answer: Yes. Let’s look at…

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How IT and Technology can Transform Your Company Culture

“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.” – David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot Company culture is far from a woolly concept. In fact, if it isn’t well-defined or carefully considered, your business is at risk of becoming nothing but noise. Your culture is your brand’s DNA….

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Case Study: Digital Transformation in Education

IT Support for Schools  81% of teachers say their school has been hit by financial cuts.  When education is the foundation of progress in every respect, it’s tragic to think that schools are missing out on vital improvements.  We can’t wave a magic wand to lessen the reduction in local authority budgets. But we can work…

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