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20 Questions: Mike, Apprentice IT Technician

Name: Michael Gregg Nickname: Mike Job role: Apprentice IT Technician Hometown: Poynton Loves: My car Hates: Getting up in the Morning Quickly sum up a day in the life of an Apprentice IT Technician: Build and Configure PCs How would friends describe you in 3 words? Quiet, friendly, hardworking What first made you want to work…

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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Digital Agencies

From freelancers to well established agencies, more and more companies are now embracing cloud technology. Whether you’re a marketing, design, creative, or web agency, you could really benefit from using the Cloud. Here are just a few ways… Work from anywhere – The cloud enables you to access emails, files and applications from anywhere. This…

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Barry preparing to abseil

San-iT Abseil to Support The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Humphrey’s Heroes On Sunday 14th May, the San-iT superheroes (aka Barry, Seb, Amarjit, Gareth & Richard) all faced their fears to conquer Manchester’s highest abseil. The aim of the event was to scale 240ft down Manchester’s Liberty Heights in order to raise funds for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. You’ll be pleased to know all…

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20 Questions: Seb, Commercial Director

Name: Seb Graham Nickname: Seb Job role: Commercial Director Hometown: Wilmslow Loves: Cars Hates: Cheese Quickly sum up a day in the life of a Commercial Director: Account reviews with existing customers, new business meetings, networking, writing proposals for new solutions How would friends describe you in 3 words? Chilled, cheeky, funny What first made…

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What is a Phishing Email, and How do You Spot One?

We often get people asking or concerned about phishing emails. If you’re worried about a scam or suspicious about an email at work, read on as we bring you some tell-tale signs of a phishing email… What is a phishing email? Phishing scams are fraudulent email messages which appear to come from legitimate sources (common ones…

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Protect Your Cyber Security Against Recent Ransomware Attacks

Further to the outbreak of ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware on Friday which is said to be the biggest outbreak in history, the following detail is a high-level description of the key points thus far: The “cyber attack” is a type of attack known as ransomware It is estimated that in excess of 150 countries have been affected…

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Avoid Ransomware to Protect Your Digital Data

If there is anything good to be gleaned from the advent of the WannaCrypt attack that took place on Friday (and, according to news reports, it may well surface again today), it’s that ransomware is headline news. Governments and institutions are being urged by Microsoft and self-professed hackers including Alexander Urbelis to use this as a…

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Mike shaking hand with member of staff

Mike’s Apprenticeship Success Story

There’s no better feeling than achieving your goals and we’re delighted to say that one of the youngest members of the San-iT team has passed his apprenticeship with a distinction in all modules! Mike joined us in 2016 after deciding that University didn’t offer the style of learning he was looking for, and began his…

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Cyber Security: Ransomware & Crypto Viruses

Brief history of Ransomware Ransomware has been around for years in various forms. It was reported that the first example of Ransomware was in America in 1989. Fast forward to today and it is estimated that there are around a million different types of ransomware. In recent times it has become more and more common…

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Man using computer with security breach

Does Your Business Have a Cyber Security Strategy?

A new report has revealed that almost HALF of businesses in the UK have not implemented a cyber security strategy, leaving themselves vulnerable to breaches. Despite a high number of recent attacks, the report revealed that only 57% of UK businesses are protecting their devices and data with a formal cyber security strategy. This is…

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