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Why Backup and Recovery is Important for Your Business

Companies generate huge volumes of data every day. As one of your most valuable assets, it is essential for small-medium sized businesses to protect their data in case of disaster. No matter what your industry, it’s likely that your data is vital to the continued operation and success of your business. In an increasingly fast-paced…

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20 Questions: Barry, Managing Director

Name: Barry Lowe Nickname: Bazatron in the office (not sure where this came from!) Job role: Managing Director Hometown: Marple Loves: Working and spending time with the family along with socialising. Love motor sport and fly fishing but rarely find the time! Hates: Having to queue! Quickly sum up a day in the life of…

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San-iT Nominated for Manchester Business Awards 2017

We’re delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Downtown in Business City of Manchester Business Awards 2017! We have been nominated for Newcomer of the Year and would really appreciate your support. It only takes 2 minutes to vote, simply click HERE go to section 1, click San-iT, cast your vote and…

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Top 5 IT Mistakes Made By Businesses

Insufficient technical support We often talk to companies who are lacking professional IT support. A surprising number of companies entrust their technology and critical systems to a ‘friend of a friend’ or the office computer guru. While this might cut costs in the short term, it is not a secure or efficient way to protect…

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What is Cloud Computing What Purpose Does it Serve?

If you follow us on social media you might see us posting a lot about the cloud, and the benefits of platforms such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. But what exactly is the Cloud and why are more and more businesses shifting from the traditional ways of storing data? Benefits of Cloud Computing While…

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Common Passwords Businesses Need to Know, and Avoid

2016 was the year of big data breaches. We saw the likes of Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Three Mobile all subject to hacks, compromising the information of millions of customers. Despite the large number of high profile attacks, the number of people still using common passwords to secure their accounts remains high. Recent data released by…

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A Day in The Life of San-iT

Lifting the Lid on Our Client Support Unless you’re a computer science geek in your spare time, you probably find IT something of a dark art. That’s why you have an IT department or pay an IT consultant to look after everything for you. But what exactly do IT wizards get up to on a…

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How to Justify IT Investment in Your Budget

Investment can be hard to justify, particularly in times of economic and political uncertainty. But inaction doesn’t equal safety, especially when we’re in the middle of the fourth age of the industrial revolution: digital transformation. Justifying investment in your IT infrastructure needn’t be difficult with this guide.  Understand the Challenges Your Business Faces As technology…

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When CEOs Get it Wrong

Three Businesses That Underestimated the Impact of Technology Technology is opportunity. It builds like a wave in the distance, ready for those with the skills to interpret its course to ride it all the way to the bank. Great business leaders scan the horizon looking for the next swell and listening to those in the…

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How 2016 Made Us Bigger, Better and Stronger

Here at San-iT, we have been beavering away over the past twelve months and as we move into 2017, we have some real achievements to celebrate… Top of the list is completing the Goldman Sachs Programme. This is a renowned scheme aimed at high-growth businesses and provides top quality business education. During the course we…

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