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Cyber Security Awareness Month

October marks the start of Cyber Security Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of cyber threats and how to keep yourself safe online. Today’s world is more connected that ever, and while the internet makes most of our lives a whole lot easier, it also comes with its risks. Cyber Security Awareness Month is…

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Choosing to outsource IT

Is Outsourcing IT Solutions Services Right for Your Business?

IT spending in the UK is likely to be affected by the current climate of economic uncertainty following the Brexit vote. Independent analyst company Canalys is cutting its IT spending forecast for the UK by 10%, with the expectation that the UK’s uncertain trading future with the EU will have an immediate impact on what…

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The Big Charity Drive 2016 car

San-iT Support the Big Charity Drive 2016

After 4 days driving across 4 different countries, we’re very happy to say that our Managing Director Barry has returned back from the Big Charity Drive in one piece (although we can’t say the same about Jess the Jag…!) We caught up with him to find out more about how him and the team got…

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How to Overcome the Cyber Security Skills Shortage

IT security is a business essential, but what if there isn’t anyone employed in your business who can undertake it effectively? According to Computer Business Review, a recent report suggests that the majority of UK chief information officers (CIOs) think they will soon face a skills shortage when it comes to cybersecurity. If this is…

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New members of San-iT team

Experienced New Recruits Join our IT Support Team

Here at San-iT we have achieved rapid growth over the last few months and in the same number of weeks we have welcomed three new experienced members to our ever expanding Support Team, inciting office moves, plans for future development and building great momentum.

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Is Your Business at Risk from an ISP Support Scam?

People could be forgiven for feeling besieged by the sheer number and variety of scams and frauds that are currently out there. There is very much a feeling that cybercriminals are adopting increasingly ambitious and underhand methods to attack the vulnerable. Recent scams involve fraudsters offering bogus tech support by impersonating internet service providers. Exploiting…

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IT Security Issues Businesses Need to Know

In the past, business security involved a locked office with a safe and an attaché case with a combination lock. Most businesses now have a growing online element to their activities, and while this brings new opportunities, it also brings greater security risks. What Does Digital Security Mean? For many SMEs there is a sense…

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Secure Web Filtering Solutions in the Workplace

Employees want to be paid fairly for their work and employers want employees on whom they can rely. Because of the near universal access to the internet in so many white collar jobs, employees surfing the web in company time is a growing issue, and web filtering is expanding in response. Web Access in the…

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Is Your IT Data Protection Secure & Compliant?

Businesses have clear responsibilities to their clients and customers when it comes to handling and storing data. Meeting the provision of the UK’s Data Protection Act can be challenging to organisations and businesses and new EU proposals will tighten things up further. Anyone processing personal data requires a basic understanding of the Data Protection Act…

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Can You Rely on Your Backup Without IT Services?

IT services involve more than simply installing and looking after hardware and software. You may have up to date equipment and programmes, you may have backup and disaster recovery systems in place, but are you confident in your power supply and what might happen if it’s interrupted or becomes erratic? Your IT security isn’t just…

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