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How to Erase Your Online Digital Data and Identity

If you did a quick Google search of yourself do you know what you’d find? You could see pictures on the first results page linked to accounts you haven’t used for years.   There are so many ways you can leave a digital trail on the internet, from social media sites to company websites, online shopping sites to forums.    How careful are you when it comes…

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IT Technology Makes Flexible Working a Reality

Benefits of Flexible Working   4.2 million UK adults regularly worked from home last year.   Why? Because they wanted to. A study by Redcentric revealed that 70% of office workers believe it’s important that businesses allow their employees to work remotely. While 30% feel their productivity increases when they work away from the office.  Improved productivity isn’t the only…

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Apprenticeships and Career Opportunities at San-iT

For the past ten years, San-iT has been giving fresh talent exceptional career opportunities. Apprentices at the Manchester-based IT support business gain hands-on experience and an opportunity to develop their skills in a friendly and nurturing environment. So what is it like to work for a flourishing IT business that’s always ahead of the curve?…

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How San-iT Helped Go! Upgrade its IT Infrastructure

When growth is on the menu, businesses can rely on GO! New Business Transformation to ignite phenomenal progress. This business development and consultancy startup offers creative, marketing, digital and ad-tech companies: A future-proof strategy – a long-term roadmap to retain and attract new clients Unrivalled knowledge – as well as its in-house experts, GO! is…

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Cyber Security: Business Payments Through Tech

Did you know that the first recorded cheque was written over 350 years ago? Since then, there’s been a digital transformation in payment technology. Now most businesses offer a range of payment methods making it quicker for customers to part with their cash. While most payment methods are fairly secure, any digital process comes with…

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20 Questions: Mat, 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer

Name: Mat K-M Nickname: Muller Job role: 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer Hometown: Sale Loves: Chicken wings, technology and bike rides Hates: Mustard Quickly sum up a day in the life of a [job role]: Speak to customers, fix problems, speak to more people and fix more problems! How would friends describe you in 3 words?…

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barry lowe of san it

San-iT Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner

We’re delighted to announce that today we have become a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP), demonstrating our ability to meet Microsoft academic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft AEP authorization, partners must complete a test to prove their level of academic licensing and market expertise. The AEP program is…

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20 Questions: Timothy, 3rd Line Support & Cloud Infrastructure

Name: Timothy Else Nickname: None Job role: 3rd Line Support & Cloud Infrastructure Hometown: Wigan Loves: Technology, Hiking, History, Reading, Health and Nutrition Hates: Smartphones at the dinner table & black pudding Quickly sum up a day in your work life: Challenging, fast-paced and exciting How would friends describe you in 3 words? Polite, Friendly,…

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20 Questions: Jack, 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer

Name: Jack Drummond Nickname: Jack Job role: 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer Hometown: Timperley Loves: My Family and Cars Hates: Rude people Quickly sum up a day in the life of a support engineer: lots of different problems all happening at once! How would friends describe you in 3 words? Friendly, Helpful, Cars What first made…

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