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Our Top 3 Cyber Security Tips

With talks of firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), cyber security can seem like a bit of a minefield for business owners. Whilst these are all things that the digital experts here at San-iT recommend you use, you can leave the implementation and maintenance of these security solutions with us as part of our cyber…

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Our New Office - IT Services Manchester

Our New Office Extension is Complete!

Over the past few years, we have grown rapidly and this has inspired us to keep moving forward in everything that we do.  One of the most exciting ways we’ve progressed of recent is the extension of our office.   We’ve channelled our efforts to upgrade our workspace so our employees love the environment they work in.   Here’s…

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Are You Slowing Your Business Down?

The answer to that question is probably yes if you aren’t using technology to modernise your business. We get it, though – technology just isn’t your ‘thing’. But if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and get more out of your staff, embracing business-boosting tech is essential. The good news: you don’t have…

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My first year – By Brian Sparkes

I can’t believe that it’s coming up to my first year working at San-it.  What a year it’s been! Right from the start, back in April 2018 I was made to feel welcome by all the team. When I first walked in, there was a real buzz in the atmosphere, everyone was laughing, joking and…

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Why We Choose Office 365 Over Other Productivity Platforms

Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity suite that consists of a number of different services designed for both personal and business use. It’s also our number one choice for productivity here at San-iT. Whilst there may be alternative platforms on the market, we believe Office 365 is superior for a whole host of reasons such…

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5 Misconceptions Around Backup and Recovery

A backup and recovery solution is essential for protecting your data, your systems and your business. Don’t let these 5 misconceptions about backup and recovery put your business data at risk. First, What is Backup and Recovery? Backup and recovery is the process of creating and storing copies of data in a separate system from…

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Helping Property Clients Be Tech Ready

Secure Wi-Fi with Content Filtering for Rental Schemes, Back Office Networks, CCTV and Access Control Solutions San-iT provided technical support for Manchester Life, helping them set up highly-secure Wi-Fi for their deluxe tenant schemes within Ancoats. We also installed robust back-office networks for the Manchester Life staff and concierge personnel in addition to assisting with…

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Bringing the Legal Industry into the 21st Century

Bringing the Legal Industry into the 21st Century  71% of top-performing law firms use technology to drive efficiency and performance, according to a survey by Altman Weil.   Are you harnessing the right tools to survive in an exceedingly complex world? Or is your firm at risk of extinction?  We look at how the landscape for lawyers is evolving thanks…

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What is VoIP?

Businesses are saving money by cutting phone service expenses and choosing VoIP. But what is it, how does it work and why are businesses making the switch? We take a closer look. VoIP Explained VoIP, otherwise known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a method of making and receiving telephone calls over the internet at…

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What is a Cloud Server, and How Does it Work?

The cloud, also known as cloud-based services or cloud computing, is modernising businesses by giving outdated technology the boot and empowering employees to work faster and smarter. We take a closer look at cloud servers and how they work. What is a Cloud Server? A cloud server is also known as a virtual server and…

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