Remote Monitoring to Protect Your IT Systems

Millions of hours are lost every year through IT downtime, where employees’ normal output can be reduced by over a third. Furthermore, if your business charges by the hour then any system downtime is immediately going to eat into your income.

Along with the issue of combating downtime is another big one: trust. The whole point of contracting out your IT is to save you the time and energy of having to have your own in-house team. So if you have an IT provider, how can you be sure that you’ll get the kind of support that will minimise the risk of downtime?

IT providers should offer business continuity and disaster recovery options as part of their business packages, but what about the kind of regular check-ups that will give you the confidence that your systems are working away as they should, at optimum performance, and that your network security is robust?

Remote monitoring for business.

With remote monitoring, San-IT can provide the kind of support that ensures that your networks and hardware are running to their absolute best at all times. Our specialised SanSys software gives us a pro-active edge where we’re able to monitor over 100 different metrics around the clock.

You can have the full trust and confidence in our support services because 24 hour monitoring of all our clients’ networks really puts us in the driving seat when it comes to troubleshooting. We’re often able to fix problems before you’re even aware that they were there.

Our response is swift, systematic and flexible – in the event of disruption we can patch through all your computers in one go through a central server, minimising downtime. With SanSys software’s remote monitoring technology you don’t have to wait for an engineer to arrive because we’re already there.

Prevention is always better than cure, and SanSys remote systems monitoring puts San-IT in the frontline of computer defences, keeping your business safe and secure.