Can You Rely on Your Backup Without IT Services?

IT services involve more than simply installing and looking after hardware and software. You may have up to date equipment and programmes, you may have backup and disaster recovery systems in place, but are you confident in your power supply and what might happen if it’s interrupted or becomes erratic?

Your IT security isn’t just about protection against cybercrime or downtime; it’s also about ensuring that everything functions smoothly and being able to protect systems against all forms of disruption. This includes power supply issues.

Common power problems include: surges in power – a voltage spike or overvoltage; a reduction in input voltage; and instability of mains frequency. Other power problems can arise from oscillations from nearby equipment and harmonic waveform distortion.

The IT solution to power problems is uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. This involves installing a piece of equipment that provides emergency power if the mains power fails or dysfunctional. Unlike an emergency generator, a UPS can provide protection that’s practically instantaneous through energy supplied by batteries, flywheels or supercapacitors.

UPS isn’t designed to replace a normal power supply long-term, but long enough to protect equipment in the event of power surges or outages by providing enough time to either shut down the system properly, or switch it over to an alternative power supply.

There are various different designs and technologies that can supply UPS applicable to IT and telecommunications systems. It’s crucial that once you have the right power backup in place you have it tested regularly.
Your IT systems are key components in processes that help you run your business. All such processes should, as best practice, be regularly and professionally tested. You don’t have to be a pessimist to be prepared for worst case scenarios, you just need to be realistic.

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