Cyber safety tips for employees

Cyber security is becoming an essential consideration for businesses of all sizes. Data thieves will exploit gaps in your workplace security, with potentially devastating consequences. As a part of the GDPR, all businesses have a responsibility to take data security as seriously as possible – which means your employees need to understand how to maintain digital security during the course of their daily work.

These cyber security tips are essential – be sure your employees are mindful of them.

Be wary of phishing scams

A phishing scam begins with an innocent-looking link, often sent as a part of an email. When it’s clicked, it downloads malware into the machine which can have a variety of goals. It can steal personal information, lock the machine down, or it can even spread across other machines in the same network. It’s essential that your employees know to only ever click links from verified and trusted sources, and to always be hyper-vigilant about scam emails posing as legitimate messages.

Avoid public networks

We’re moving to a world where the workplace follows employees wherever they go. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops mean it’s easier than ever to share company data when out and about. Be wary, however, of public networks. There are often no security measures taken to avoid data thieves accessing confidential information – so taking advantage of free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or train station is not always the best idea. If confidential data is being shared, it must only be done via a secure, private network.

Proper password usage

If you’re going to use passwords, it’s important that you remember to make them as obtuse and difficult to guess as possible. Names of loved ones, for example, is information that can be readily found out about you. Ensure the password is a mix of lower and upper case letters, with some numbers. Be careful to not make it so complicated that you can’t remember it, however – the use of a dedicated password manager is advised. It’s also wise to change your password periodically, to keep security at a maximum.

Ensuring cyber security is easy, provided you know how.