Do pop up blockers prevent viruses?

For far too long pop-ups have been irritating internet users. While some of them can be useful, most of them are simply annoying. Others, however, will try and trick you into accepting a download that will infect your laptop or computer with a virus.

Why choose a pop-up blocker

Identify – A pop-up blocker is going to be able to know the difference between a harmless pop-up advert from one that could be carrying a virus. This will mean that any pop-up you see is going to be safe and allow you to browse in confidence.

Scan – As soon as you click on a webpage, your program is going to be able to crawl through it and look for program codes which are primed to open a new window. It will then disable to prevent it from opening up.

Block – There are certain websites that have activation codes for pop-ups depending on how and where you scroll. The highest quality pop-up blockers will be able to stop these in their tracks before they even have the chance to do their thing.

Software or integrated browser?

You might be wondering which pop-up blocker you should choose, one that works from downloaded software or one that is integrated into your web browser. The browser option may seem like the most convenient solution but they often aren’t as powerful as software blockers.

In order to be a highly effective blocker, it needs to work quickly and smartly. With a lower-quality option, you can find that certain pop-ups will get through. More intelligent programming can work around the weakest of blockers.

How else can a pop-up blocker help?

As well as the obvious, a hi-tech pop-up blocker can also help in other ways. They are able to delete unwanted internet files as well as cleaning up index.dat file. This will help to prevent any security issues and keep your browser fast and efficient to increase office productivity or the speed of home browsing.

They can also block flash ads and other annoying parts of internet web pages such as background sounds. Spam adds in the guise of messaging services can also be blocked and they will also work to protect your privacy and your proxy settings.

So do they prevent viruses?

You need common sense when surfing the internet and many people will get viruses from willingly clicking on downloads that hide malicious intentions. Pop-up blockers are able to drastically cut down the chances of that happening, preventing users from clicking on links by accident. They won’t completely eradicate the threat of viruses but they go a long way to stop that from happening and also give you the benefit of not needing to constantly click off pop-ups.