Advance Your Business with an IT Support Contract

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise – or so said US politician and inventor, Benjamin Franklin. Whilst we haven’t tested Franklin’s particular theory exhaustively, we do know that when it comes to business, there’s rather more to health, wealth and wisdom than a good night’s sleep. And increasingly, one of the key factors is IT infrastructure.

Chronic IT problems hold businesses back, frustrate staff, reduce productivity and profit. Acute IT problems regularly cause sudden business fatalities.

But, with solid IT support, the picture is very different. Put an IT support contract in place, and you really can help your own business be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Here’s how:

IT Infrastructure Health

With an IT support contract, you will:

  1. See your network’s health monitored proactively
    A good support company spots IT problems before you know about them. They’re able to solve most remotely, so you don’t suffer sudden emergencies or operational disruption.
  2. Stop staff being frustrated by network problems
    Regular TLC keeps networks and PCs running at their best, cutting down on frustration levels and improving productivity.
  3. Cure headaches
    Without an IT background, it can be hugely stressful to be responsible for keeping systems up and running. Having a professional to call on takes away the worry.

IT Infrastructure Wealth

The bottom line. An IT support contract will help you:

  1. Gain a competitive advantage
    Efficient and up-to-date IT allows you do to more, increasing both productivity and profitability. A good support company will make sure you don’t get left behind your competitors.
  2. Cut IT costs
    By introducing new systems and ways of working, an IT support company could well save you more than you’ll pay them.
  3. Budget effectively
    With regular monthly payments, there are no worries about unexpected large IT bills.

IT Infrastructure Wisdom

These days, there’s more and more to know. With an IT support contract, you can:

  1. Have your own IT experts
    Having a contract means there’s always someone to call. Choose carefully, and you’ll find the IT support company gets to know you and your systems, so they can give appropriate advice and resolve problems quickly.
  2. Benefit from a complete IT team
    You’re not relying on one individual, but on a team, with combined expertise and shared knowledge. No wasting time stuck with a problem someone with the relevant experience could solve in minutes – and support doesn’t stop for sickness or holidays.
  3. Bring IT into strategic decision making
    Choose an IT company willing and able to participate at a strategic level, and you bring vital expertise to your forward business planning. With an understanding of what’s possible and how IT can help you achieve business objectives, you can make better decisions.

If you’d like to have a chat about our IT support services can help you make your business healthier, wealthier and wiser, give us a call on 0161 359 3689. And with us on board, you might just sleep better, too!