Is Your Virtual Server Meeting Your Business Needs?

Running a virtual server can be essential to a dynamic business setting: it gives you greater control of allocating your resources; it insures against the danger of your physical hardware running out steam; and it provides a safe environment in which to test out new software before it goes live.

For the expanding business with increasing demands on its resources, a reliable virtual server helps ensure that it has an IT system can respond to its growing needs. Most virtual platforms enable movement between virtual hosts, providing the necessary breathing space for maintenance and testing of applications without risking downtime.

Essentially, the virtual server provides business users with flexibility and a technical safety net. However, there are that can impact on the business benefits of virtualisation. How secure, for example, is your host operating system? If this is unreliable, an error might take down the virtual servers running from it. So while, in theory, virtualisation protects against downtime in its functionality, it can still succumb to downtime through hardware failure.

Another performance aspect is how well the hardware itself should be performing in order to run the virtual server effectively. Depending on the number of virtual machines being run, there has to be a sufficient amount of memory available. Your disk and CPU resources will also need to be up to the task.

Finally, there is the ever-present issue of security. There is the potential that your host operating system could be laid low by a virus, which would have a knock-on effect for the operation of your virtual machines. And your virtual machines themselves need to be maintained security-wise. A virtual server requires the same kind of attention as an actual, physical piece of hardware when it comes to ensuring that it cannot be compromised in any way.

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