Is Your IT Data Protection Secure & Compliant?

Businesses have clear responsibilities to their clients and customers when it comes to handling and storing data. Meeting the provision of the UK’s Data Protection Act can be challenging to organisations and businesses and new EU proposals will tighten things up further. Anyone processing personal data requires a basic understanding of the Data Protection Act but, depending on the task and the software involved, they may require more training.

When it comes to your IT systems, you need to ensure you’ve made a full impact assessment on privacy and data protection issues. There are issues around consent before acquiring or holding personal data, but also care of sensitive data with security being crucial.

Firstly your employees should be clear about their responsibilities. If you’re allowing them to bring their own devices into the workplace you should ensure you have proper security policies in place, including the transportation and retention of data.

Secondly, when it comes to mobile devices, you need to ensure you have
the right restrictions of use established. Properly configured devices and
security encrypted memory sticks are essential tools in ensuring data
protection compliance.

Thirdly, you should strictly monitor the use of third party apps. Using downloaded apps opens you up to the possibility of security breaches. They may be tempting as a way of shortcutting complex organisational processes, but those processes are there for a reason.

Finally, when it comes to cloud computing, you should ensure that you have a reliable service provider. In some sectors, such as financial and legal services, third party service providers must meet regulatory requirements when it comes to handling, managing and storing data. This is best practice.

If managed IT services are to be successful, and compliant, it boils down to trust. It’s vital that your IT provider can be trusted and that you have cast-iron agreements in place when it comes to the security of your electronic IT data.

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