San-iT Move into and Refurb Office for Team Expansion

As the team has grown over the last few months, it became apparent our current office was not working well for us. With the increasing support and number of bodies in a small space, the team were falling over each other. It was time for a change.

Since moving in all those years ago, the upstairs office had been vacant. After a few months of planning we got the go ahead on the upstairs floor, doubling our square footage.

The upstairs floor was a similar footprint to our existing office. After a few meetings between the team, it soon became clear we all had the same ideas in mind – Space and lots of it. A few scribbles on the whiteboard later, it was decided all internal walls had to go!

In a matter of days the destruction began, even Sam got his hard hat on! By the end of the first week the space was opened up and we could see what we had to work with. Over the next few weeks the office started to take shape. A few late nights and weekends by the team saw over 50 new network points installed in the walls and floors out of sight to keep those messy cables out of view.

A custom display wall was built to house 4 large screens which display important statistics and issues for all customers. Any Virus outbreaks or system alerts are flagged up on the displays enabling us to act on an issue instantly. The team also fitted a full HD CCTV system covering the entire outside of the building, accessible anywhere anytime.

The final piece of the puzzle was the new furniture. White desks with grey dividers and matching chairs give the office a clean modern look. After moving up just before Christmas, the change was instant. Each of us have our own space whilst still being able to work closely as a team.

Take a look at our pictures below and let us know what you think!

We still need to complete some final tidying and inject some colour into the space which we are one with doing at the moment…

If you are planning your own office refurbishments or moving to a new office, let us know!

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