The Risk of Out of Warranty IT Support Hardware & Software

One of the issues that frequently comes up when providing IT support is the use of out of warranty hardware and software. Of course the temptation is just to keep using something if it still works, regardless. This might be through a misguided attempt to save money, or it may be simply a time management issue – there are lots of things we keep meaning to get around to, but don’t.

Unfortunately, the potentially disastrous consequences of not upgrading hardware and software make no distinction between the carelessness and cost-cutting: either way, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Have you got an out of warranty server? In many cases, servers have a five year warranty. The first thing you should think about if it’s out of warranty is how easy would it be to repair it? You may encounter difficulties locating key components or compatible parts. What happens if your old server really can’t be repaired, what are the implications for your business in terms of downtime?

You will have software you depend on. If your server is out of warranty you are likely to find it will be unable to support the latest updates to your software. Not updating your software isn’t really an option because manufacturers upgrade and improve their software products all the time. You simply cannot afford to risk depleted functionality, or possibly having software that ceases to run at all.

Also connected to this is security. Newer servers and software will include security improvements. Running unsupported, out of date software and hardware exposes you to more potential danger.

The life-cycle of your server is tied to your manufacturer’s warranty – it’s there for a reason. Taking risks with compatibility and security really does expose you, and your business, to the dangers of downtime and cybercrime.

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