The San-iT Compass

Our culture is team-led thanks to our compass. United we have defined our mission, purpose and values. From this, we have created a tool that gives us direction on our shared behaviours.  

Let’s take a deeper look into the main components of our compass and how it defines us. Whether you’re a client, or candidate looking for new opportunities, learn what it means to be a part of the San-iT family and how our culture will shape our future (and perhaps yours too). 

What is a culture compass?  

A culture compass is a tool that helps businesses put into words who they are, what they stand for and how they mean to live by their values. 

Our compass was created with the help of Martin Murphy, a former Special Forces soldier, international adviser and coach to leaders and high-performance teams.  

He now applies his unique insight into the business world, helping companies boost their performance through leadership, teamwork and personal development coaching. 

Through his guidance, we came together as a team to work collaboratively and ignite discussions surrounding our mission, purpose and values.  

“To be successful in business, and in life, you need to connect
and collaborate.” 
Richard Branson

It was critical that we worked on the compass as a single unit. Everyone had a voice no matter their role.  

Owing to their individual contribution, the team feels like they are a part of something big and are accountable for the business’ success. Therefore, they will commit, collaborate and challenge themselves to be the best they can be, helping the company grow in the right way.

Directing us towards success   

San-iT’s mission is to consistently deliver an outstanding service. This is made possible through our values and behaviours as defined within our compass. 

Our core values:  

  • Putting people first – we are dedicated to prioritising our clients’ and employees’ needs, well-being and success. To achieve this, everyone within the business is seen and heard facilitating trust, respect and confidence. 
  • Being invested in our client’s success – we celebrate all our client’s victories as if they were our own. This pushes us to achieve brilliant results while we build rewarding relationships and have a genuine impact on our clients.  
  • Pursuing growth – we are focused on our staff’s personal development. Ample learning and development opportunities help our team members enhance their skills and knowledge. They do so on their own terms, advancing their careers according to their personal visions for the future.  

Our winning behaviours: 

Being an exemplar team member: 

  • Treat colleagues with respect and appreciation 
  • Listen to each other’s opinions and views  
  • Be helpful and approachable 
  • Be the best teammate you can be 
  • Make time to help each other  

Striving for excellence: 

  • Exceed expectations 
  • Take ownership of outcomes  
  • Be results-focused  
  • Use mistakes as a learning experience  
  • Aim high without fear of failure  
  • Push your limits 
  • Achieve the extraordinary  

By putting into words what makes San-iT special, our entire team now has a culture blueprint to live by. Their commitment doesn’t go unnoticed. Tied into our compass is a huge focus on rewarding our people through learning opportunities. Our unique team structure facilitates this.  

Made stronger by our unique team structure  

“Exposure is a big one for me, we are happy for everyone to get involved in projects, new products and changes to the way we work no matter what their role.”  
Seb Graham, San-iT’s Commercial Director

We believe the traditional MSP structure is broken so we developed our own path. Our unique team structure enables us to work together without limits. Everyone has each other’s back and can grow together.  

We work in small, highly collaborative skilled teams. Each unit has its own set of clients and takes responsibility for the entire client journey.  

There are no hierarchies within our teams which creates a great learning environment. People aren’t afraid to approach each other for help. If they want exposure to a new technology or project to advance their skills, they have the opportunity to do so.  

Our unique team structure enables us to live by our values. It makes us stronger, collaborative and accommodating, helping us put our people first while we support their dreams. 

You can learn more about this in our blog: Why We Work in Elite Teams

Shaping our future  

The San-iT compass helps us make sure we are recruiting candidates who fit into our culture. This is our core strategy for future growth – hiring the right people who have the skills and mindset to push the business forward. 

Our compass also supports us in attracting new talent. Individuals who are passionate about helping others, maintaining strong ethical foundations and delivering an exceptional service.  

With staff who are 100% onboard with values and behaviours, we are much more likely to retain the best people. This is critical for our future success – it means we can deliver a consistently superior customer service founded on powerful bonds between our teams and their clients.  

Do your personal values fit in with our compass? Then we’d love to talk to you. Call us on 0161 359 3689. You can also check for new vacancies on our website