IT Security Issues Businesses Need to Know

In the past, business security involved a locked office with a safe and an attaché case with a combination lock. Most businesses now have a growing online element to their activities, and while this brings new opportunities, it also brings greater security risks.

What Does Digital Security Mean?

For many SMEs there is a sense of the unknown about online security, in the sense that they are unprepared for a data breach and do not realise the implications, or the extent of the problem, until it occurs.

The prevention of security breaches and the reduction of risk both involve a multiple approach to IT security. In effect, there is no one-fix solution, but instead a strategic approach is called for.

There are several key areas where security can become an issue.

Protective IT Infrastructure

Many businesses do not take enough action to ensure their systems are protected from threats from hackers or even people on the inside wanting to
steal data.
As with much software and hardware, there is a tendency to let things slide or make do with outmoded technology. The fact is that just as technology evolves, so does the threat from hackers and others. This is why businesses need to ensure that their security infrastructure is up to date and effective.

Employee Behaviour

Employees may not be actively malicious in their intentions but they can do enormous damage through negligent behaviour. Whereas employees should
be an asset, with the advantage of increased productivity through online accessibility, unauthorised downloads and links to spam pose a serious and
ongoing threat.
Similarly, undisciplined password procedures can put security at risk, along with leaving systems unattended.
A key element in IT security is fostering a responsible workplace culture when it comes to online behaviour and security processes.

Backup and Recovery Procedures

Many businesses simply fail to routinely backup their data in an organised, systematic fashion. This leaves them open to permanent data loss and accentuates the negative effects of any system downtime.
Regularly backing up data is a crucial security element, as is planning for business continuity in the event of downtime.
Downtime carries with it real reputational risk, alongside the practical issues it raises over the day-to-day running of a business and its access to crucial data.

 Mobility Risks

Technology is liberating and allows for a far more flexible approach to working. However, the increased use of mobile devices leaves businesses open to greater security threats.

If sensitive data is stored on laptops, tablets and phones then there is the combined risk of actual physical loss of the device, and security breaches through online incursions such as man-in-the-middle interceptions of information.

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