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Our talented team have been core to our decade of sustainable and the development of a reputation that we are proud of.

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As a growing company with big ambitions, we’re regularly recruiting to meet the increased demand of our community. We have listed all of our current vacancies below– but if there’s nothing suitable and you think you’d be a good fit for us, get in touch.

What our team say

We value the opinions and voices of our team. Listen to what they have to say about paving a career for the future with San-iT.

“We are a close-knit team with a wide range of personalities where everyone's input is valued. We work hard to get things done, but not forgetting to take time out to socialise and reflect. Exposure is a big one for me, we are happy for everyone to get involved in projects, new products and changes to the way we work no matter what their role.”

Seb | Commercial Director

“Our culture Is shaped by our employees, from the environment to our service, our employees hold passion and power to make San-iT’s DNA. We truly believe we challenge the industries pre-conception of an IT Support company and our values prove that. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for our reputation, the level of success we achieve, the brand image we create and the contributions we make to our customers businesses. Our culture allows our employees to be empowered, innovative, transparent and progressive.”

Amarjit | Head Of Service Delivery

“I feel fortunate to be able to work at San-iT which is a breath of fresh air in an often-stifled industry and unlike any other company I have worked for. The emphasis on Customer Service is fantastic with the encouragement of personal relationships with our clients and other staff. It is a fast-paced and fun place to work with strong bonds between all the staff creating a great coaching and learning environment as well. I am given the freedom to be creative, which is actively encouraged, along with developing of leadership and ownership skills. San-iT is a Fast-growing, Adaptable, Agile and pleasant place to work where I feel I have the backing and encouragement of all my colleagues.”

Matt | Solutions Architect

“The culture here is very much relaxed and friendly but with an emphasis on getting things done and getting things done correctly. Having not worked in another company it's hard to comment on the differences, however I imagine not many other companies have beers in the office on a Friday!! I like the fact that everyone has a good personal relationship with pretty much every other member of staff which leads to easier and more productive working practices.”

Tom | 3rd Line Support & Cloud Infrastructure

“San-IT has a very friendly and open culture where everyone can speak to each other regardless of their Position in the company. This is vastly different to other companies with a more hierarchical structure. I personally like the fact that everyone is open and approachable regardless of their role and happy to help out.”

Mike | 1st/2nd Line Support

“San – iT is a great place to work, there are no egos! It feels like a real partnership exists amongst every single member of staff. My colleagues genuinely care that not only do we provide first class customer care but that our work environment is a truly happy place for us all to thrive and achieve great things!”

Alison | Office Manager

“I am relatively new to the company and to working in a large team and was very nervous about it but the guys are so friendly and approachable that I feel very at ease. I have never worked somewhere that cares as much about their staff and their wellbeing as San-IT. I also love that I can bring my lovely dog in to the office!”

Emma | Accounts

“Working within San-iTs friendly and hardworking family like teams has to be the best concept of any workplace. Social interaction and team work is displayed at the highest level, creating the perfect environment for anyone looking progress a career in IT and the many opportunities it holds. San-iT values it’s employee’s opinions, health and wellbeing, this is shown in the many benefits provided by them. Wanting the best from all staff, they actively promote training and progression.”

Brian | 1st/2nd Line Support

“San-iT is a great company to work for, it really makes a difference working with people that value you and your ideas. Great people, great company.”

Kev | 1st / 2nd Line Support

“what is the culture? The Culture of the office is a bit different to most offices - generally its to get work done but also enjoy it. As long as everything gets done it doesn’t mean you have to be too serious. Difference? Everyone works together to try and get things done and don’t have to work in isolation, on the customer front we are very relaxed and yet still be efficient in response time and result. Like? The culture is fun and something different than some offices, we don't like robots here!”

Mat | 1st/2nd Line Support

“The culture at San-IT is great and I am fortunate that I was able to get an apprenticeship with such a great company and doing what I enjoy. Everyone is friendly and always happy to help and this is due to the great atmosphere within the office. I look forward to continuing my apprenticeship in 2019 and seeing the finished office extension which is soon to be complete.”

Joe | 1st/2nd Line Support

“Being able to be yourself in the office environment makes San-iT a great place to work which makes everyone work hard to provide the best IT support around. Everyone wants to be here and do the best for each other, the company and, most importantly, the clients. This makes a real difference compared to other IT companies. Personally, I love coming to work because it allows me to challenge myself and learn new things in the ever-evolving world of IT infrastructure and help people who require help with their IT issues.”

Terry | 1st/2nd Line Support

“I would describe San-iT's culture as professional, collaborative and supportive. Working at San-iT, you are empowered to take ownership and every day is filled with new & exciting challenges. Being new, I really appreciate how welcoming everyone is, the structure of the teams and how everyone has each others back!”

Sam | 1st/2nd Line Support